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Starting my hacking career as a marketer with a love of guerilla marketing and tech, growth hacking quickly became the backbone of my work. After spending time with agencies such as Orange Pegs, I now take on my own clients.

The Showcase Theatre Doc

Marketing Director

The Showcase Theatre Documentary shows the rich history of Southern CA’s punk, hardcore, metal, and indie music scene while shining a specific light on the infamous, and forever-loved Showcase Theatre and its history.


Bassist and Vocalist

Having been an original Gutsaw member back in 2003, I left in 2005 to pursue other ventures and join the Army. After a long hiatus, I rejoined in 2020 to record a new EP, “All Lives Splatter” and rejoin the band, again playing bass and doing vocals.

Other Projects

Local Marketing Expert

David Ingram

Other than Growth Hacking, local marketing is my jam. Spending time in a myriad of local businesses for the past few years.

The Cobalt Death

Power Noise Warefare

The first long-lost Cobalt Death release was in 2002. Back then the band was called The Cobalt Death Project.

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